I am assuming you are here to know more about me. After all, the website is my name, Karasel.

So what can I tell you about myself?

About me

I am a healthy, single, and active young woman in my late twenties. I live in Manchester, England where I was actually born and raised. This is also the city where I found lifelong friends, got my degree in Journalism, and practically where most of my memories are made.

You would think that my degree in Journalism would get me into media or publishing – but my career is far from that. After experiencing a bad case of back pain in my youth, I was encouraged to do yoga to help cure the pain. It was so effective that I found myself wanting to be a Yoga Instructor. I even traveled to India to get my certificate so I can teach it back home.

Once I got back, I arranged to get certified. I plan to extend my knowledge and skills so I can also teach yoga to special needs clients – like pregnant women. I find it fulfilling when I see how teaching yoga helps other people.

About the website

Well as you may have guessed, this website will practically be all about me. I will tell you about my life in Manchester and about my career as a yoga instructor. There will be articles too about what it is like to live in Manchester and the various tourist hotspots that you can go to.

Since I love going out with my friends, you will find articles here about our escapades – like the one time that we went to a casino. Everything was awesome and we really had a blast. But you will learn about that if you go through this website.

Probably a lot of the articles you will find will be about yoga. It is my profession, after all. You will also get tips on how to live a healthy life. Yoga is a big promoter of healthy living so you will find tips about that in this blog.

I do hope that you will like what you read here. It will just be an honest blog about me and how I live my life. I am quite happy with how my life is currently going and I am intent on sharing that to the world. I just hope you will gain something from reading about my life.