Trying Something New…

Trying something new always makes me feel a bit apprehensive and anxious. But we all know that trying new things can be refreshing. It also allows us to discover things about ourselves that we never knew was there.

I am trying something new

So why am I writing this piece? Well, it is just to tell you that I am going to try out something that I have never done before – hiking!

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I have been planning to go on a holiday. We haven’t really thought about what we wanted to do – until we got news that Kevin, our friend who is currently in Glasgow, will be coming for a visit. He loves the outdoors and we thought about surprising him with a camping trip. And while we are there, my friends decided to go hiking.

So how is all this something new for me? Well, I may be living a healthy lifestyle because of my career as a yoga instructor – but I am not really one for the outdoors. It is not like I hate it. My parents were not big on camping or fishing or something like that. We never did that while we were young. I do jog around the park from time to time but I have never gone camping or hiking.

Planning the trip

Given my experience in this particular area, my friends thought it would be hilarious to get me to plan the trip. Like I would ever let them down! I am not one to back out of a challenge so I accepted. I know someone from my yoga class who always go camping with his friends so I got him to help me out.

Of course, the first step is deciding on where to go. After the suggestions provided by my dear student, I settled for Langcliffe Park in Settle, North Yorkshire. This is less than 2 hours from Manchester – far enough but not too far. We will be going by car so it should not be a problem to get there.

The park would be a perfect place for all of us to bond and reconnect. It is also near the Lake District – we can probably go there too. But from what I have read, this park should be enough. It has beauty, tranquility, and the perfect area to set up camp. It is also not too far from what we might need like toilets, hot showers, etc. There are no clubs nearby so it would really be like we are roughing it out.

I haven’t really decided where we will go hiking yet. Since this is my first time, and the other girls as well, I think it might be safe if we go easy on the trail. But I will make sure to have other options so we can decide on where to go once we get there.

I am really excited to try something new on this trip. Since my friend will be there, I am sure that I will have a blast even if it is my first time to go camping.