Night Out With Friends!

Let me tell you about my night out with friends.

It was fantastic!

Well, not that it was surprising. My friends and I have known each other since we were young. There are 5 of us who have really bonded over the years. My best friend is Kayla is a nurse and her husband John is an engineer. They just got married last fall. Emily is a preschool teacher and is the sweetest among all of us. And of course, we have Josh who is a lawyer. And then there is me, a yoga teacher.

We used to be 7 but two of my friends, Michelle and Kevin both moved to different cities – one to London and the other in Glasgow. We try to get together every now and then but we have been caught up with each other recently. This is why I was ecstatic after the plans were finalised for our night out with friends!

Fun night with friends

So what did we do during our night out? What we always do! We went “pub-hopping”! We always make it a point to visit 2 to 3 pubs in one night – immersing ourselves in different scenes and mingling with various crowds.

This time, we went to three of our favourite pubs.

The Oast House

Our first stop is thriving with drinks and live music. It can get really packed so we usually come here first – ahead of the crowd. We love hanging out in the beer garden outside. I personally like how they use the lights to bring out a unique vibe to the place. While a lot of people come here, you do not feel suffocated because you are outdoors. It is a great start to the evening – regardless if it is a bit expensive. It does set the tone right for the rest of my night out with friends. When it starts to get packed, we head on to our next destination.


Our next stop is Mulligans. This is a great Irish pub with acoustic live bands. It also gets packed but it is all worth it. The drinks are superb and while they have a lot of selections we prefer to stick to the good ‘ole beer. Some local celebrities come out to here to hang out too. The best time to visit this place is when there is a live sporting event. Everyone gets into the spirit and the atmosphere can get really rowdy – yet in a fun way.


This is really my favourite bar and usually our last stop. They have a great cider on tap and a lot of bottled beers too. What makes this place more fun is the fact that they have a lot of board games to choose from. This allows a group of friends, like us, to bond over board games. The shop next door also has the best fish and chips and we are actually allowed to bring some inside the pub. This is a great place for us to mellow down and relax.

A night at the casino

Usually, my night out with friends end after Cask. However, we were in such high spirits that we decided to go to a casino – the Manchester235 to be exact. It is not our first time to come here but it had been a long time since we came.

I like this casino because of the various table games and slot machines they have. While I have a preference for slot machines, I do play Blackjack sometimes. I stay away from poker tables – I am bad at them. I also play at online casinos sometimes. You can read more about different online casinos and how to create an account and withdraw your winnings at

The place has a very stylish bar and various live events. During my night out with friends, there was a live band playing. I wasn’t really feeling lucky that night so I stuck with the slot machines. I won a bit of money – but not as much as my friend John. He plays a really great poker game. He said he will use that money to surprise Kayla with an anniversary holiday. Some people are just lucky.

We stayed in the casino until 4 in the morning – one of the latest times I spent on a night out with friends. It was all worth it though. I don’t have work the next day so I can sleep in. These are the moments that I really treasure and I am happy I have friends to share them with.