Mom’s Birthday

My mom’s birthday is coming up and we are planning to surprise her with a party! She is turning 60 and we want to make this a really special event for her.

Preparing for mom’s birthday

Of course, planning for my mother’s birthday party is not really easy. She has this uncanny ability to know what we are up to. This is why my brother’s and I have decided not to include Dad in the whole preparation. He knows that there will be a surprise but that is as far as he goes. His only job will be to distract mom and bring her to the venue – which we plan to tell him on the day itself. What he does not know will not leak to my mom. He promised he will not screw it up but told us to keep the details from him so he will not slip.

My two brothers and I have moved out of the house so it should be easy for us to plan mom’s birthday and put it into action. My eldest brother is in charge of the guest list and making sure that everyone who is important to Mom will be there. Our youngest brother is in charge of the programme and entertainment. As for me, the middle sister, I will take charge of the venue and food and drinks.

What I get to do for the party

Since my friends always stayed in our house while growing up, I was able to convince them to help me out. The venue was easy. We just booked the place where Mom and Dad had their first date. The venue will take care of the food and drinks as well. Over the years, the restaurant added a secluded part that allowed intimate gatherings. That is where we plan on holding mom’s birthday.

My mom loves flowers so that would be the main decor of the place. I talked to the manager of the restaurant and he knows my parents. They have come back to this place several times in the past. A lot of those times are special moments. He understands how important the restaurant is to my mother and we are lucky to be working with him.

I just talked to my brother about the guest list and he told me some good news. My mother’s brother, who currently lives in the US, confirmed that he will be coming over! She hasn’t seen him in more than a decade and we are happy that he could come over with his family. This should be awesome. I cannot wait to see Mom’s face when we surprise her.

The party for Mom’s birthday is only less than 2 weeks away. I am hoping that everything stays under the radar for now. There is still much to do and so little time to complete them.