My Life In Manchester

I love my life in Manchester. I think I may have mentioned that once or twice already. In all honesty, I do not think I would want to live anywhere else. Of course, I do not want to close all my options. I am probably saying this because I am happy and content with my life right now. But I am not forgetting about the possibility that there might come a time when I would want to go somewhere else – like what my grandmother did.

But as for now, I am happy to say that Manchester will always be home to me.

About my life in Manchester

So what is my life in Manchester right now?

I live in a small apartment near the Trafford Park. My parents live a couple of blocks from me. Although I want to declare my independence, I cannot seem to find it in me to live too far from them. I find it comforting that when I get hungry – I can easily go to my mom and eat her food. Childish? I agree.

My place is good enough to allow me my independence while sticking close to the neighborhood where I grew up. It allows me to stay connected to my childhood friends – most of which already have families of their own. I like seeing them and their children – but I am not really envious. I do not think that motherhood is in the near future for me. It would be nice – but not right now.

So what is a typical day like? Well, I do have yoga classes a couple times a week – the average is 5 to 7. I am also available for private bookings for a small group. There were times when I was asked to teach yoga by companies – I guess it is their initiative to give their employees an outlet to release their stress.

When I am not doing anything, I usually find myself writing online. I am a part-time freelance writer too. It helps keep me financially secure – which is awesome. It also allows me to schedule my work around my yoga classes. As you may have guessed, my classes are more important to me.

I also make it a point to jog around the park every day. I like going out to nature. It keeps me calm and allows me to ponder on what I will teach in my next yoga class.

My favourite places in Manchester

As you may have guessed, I usually spend a lot of time outdoors. But you are probably wondering where I go to.

I have a lot of favourite hangout spots all over Manchester. My friends and I, fortunately, live close to each other and we always find a new place to go to. But there are clear favourites. Let me tell you about them so you can consider these places when you come for a visit in Manchester.

  • Coffee bar – Fig and Sparrow. It is just a familiar place for me and my friends.
  • Vintage shops – Northern Quarter area. There are so many indie shops here – you will love it! Afflecks is one of the best souvenir shops around the area.
  • Museum – Manchester Museum. The exhibits are very interesting and best of all, the entrance is free!
  • Park – Heaton Park. I love hanging out this place during the summertime.
  • Outdoor market – Levenshulme Market. When it comes to street food – they are the best!
  • Live music – Matt and Phreds. I love the vibe in this place.
  • Night out – Albert’s Schloss. The place is quite fancy but they have great steins of beer and even cocktails.

So there you have it – my life in Manchester. Let me know if you have favourite places around the areas too!